All brands should have a master email template

I’ve worked in email for quite some time now and in this time i have worked with a range of brands to produce there HTML email templates. I’ve worked with family law firms, off licenses, soft drinks brands, digital agencies, travel, property, hotels & insurance. I first started my full time work at a digital agency. Working in a digital agency you have to be quite quick at your trade and be able to work on multiple projects at once and meet tight deadlines.

It was here that we started to develop master templates for each brand the agency worked for, this worked wonders and allowed us to put together templates with ease using the pre-made & tested panels/modules we had for each brand. Following this simple process allows us to put together live wire frames for account executives to present to media approval or even to show clients direct.

To setup our master templates we simply took a look at the emails we sent from 2014-2015 for each brand and started to put together a master template of every panel/module we had used over the passed year. In the end we had a pretty big html file containing every module. Next we lorem ipsumed all of the text and used placeholder images.

This gave us a raw modules to create new templates with, this was great because we put this together into a document that the client could view, we made it clear that these where there branded modules that where available to them and if they wanted further modules to be developed this would be at a further cost to there retainers.

This certainly speeded up our process and stopped odd design/development requests. So if you serve a range of brands its a must have system to have in place. It works quite well and i’ve even had non-coders/email producers use this without any issues what so ever. So it’s definitely a good idea to create a master template for each of the brands you serve and have this in place for all the team to use.

Glenn Smith

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