Create a master template for Exact Target

To make use of Exact Target’s standard editor you are going to need to setup a master template file within Exact Target. This is pretty easy to setup and will allow you to make full use of Exact Target’s standard editor.

There are a few benefits to using the standard editor :-

● You can create various master template files & load these in without loosing your content.
● Allows you to keep your code organized and spot errors quickly within content panels.
● You can build up live wire frames ready to present to the client for approval.
● Allows email producers to easily edit each panels content
● You can lock panels you don’t want to be edited
● Easily create dynamic content

In a typical master template for Exact Target i will normally include the header & footer of the email template within the master template. This works great if you don’t change your links in your header & footers on a regular basis.

We can also add a custom CSS block so we can add custom CSS to the master template within the standard editor. To do this we simply add another row to our master template below to house our custom CSS. To do this use the following code.

In Exact Target you may notice a My Contents folder, in this folder you can create other folders such as header to house all your panels of different headers you may have. Saving your panels into the My Content folder is great because you can pull these into any campaign at any time providing you are using the standard editor.

How to create a master template for Exact Target

Here is the code to create a master template for the standard editor on Exact Target.

The code above is pretty much bog standard HTML email code. You may notice some HTML tags you have not seen before. Let me explain what these do :-

Add AMP SCRIPT Support

The code below allows you to add AMPSCRIPT to your template using the standard editor.

Tracking your campaign

Add tracking support to your templates by using the simple snippet of code below.

Adding Panels to your master template

Separate your HTML code into modular blocks with this simple snippet of code below.

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