Email campaigns with mobile CTA’s in mind

There is alot to think about when creating an HTML email campaign and with the many tasks put apon us we sometimes forget about the most important goal of the email campaign…

If your in business you’re probably trying or wish to sell your products via your email channel and the most important thing is to make sure the user is tempted to click through to your website to land on your latest offerings. It’s here CTA’s (Call to action’s) play a big part in your success.

With that in mind we sometimes overlook what the mobile version of our email template is doing. It’s important our message is clear and not to long with a clear call to action so we don’t want to be going to mad with content if we want our message to be clear & simple to action.

If we was to force lots of content into our template when it’s stacks on mobile our all important CTA will be too far down the page forcing the user to scroll down to it (and they may not even get there).

Email campaigns with mobile CTA’s in mind

With the attention span of an adult being only being just 8 seconds it’s important that your message is clear, simple & scan-able for the end user to action. We all scan digital content on a daily basis barley paying much attention because great UI design and placement of content & CTA’s allows us to scan a page and use the website/email without thinking.

So next time you’re creating an HTML email template give a little thought for that all important CTA when viewing on a mobile device. It can make a massive difference to the results of your email campaign for the good.

Glenn Smith

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