How One PPHer used Hourlies to Live his Dream!

The majority of us would like to gain an extra income to buy luxuries or even essentials in life. In homage to St Valentine, we have brought you a PPHer story that shows just how useful Hourlies can be in funding that dream life and even in finding that one true love!

6 months ago…

6 months ago 23 Glenn was unemployed. He called himself one the many “unemployed youngsters” of the time. He had ambition but didn’t really believe he’d be able to turn his hobby into a career.
While surfing the web, he stumbled upon PeoplePerHour. Having little else to do, he filled in his profile, posted a few Hourlies focusing on his passion for web development and left, assuming he’d hear no more.

Luck or Skill?

What happened next surprised Glenn as he says,”my emails not stopped going off since” in fact almost as soon as his first Hourlie went live his skills were in demand.

The great feedback gave Glenn faith in his ability and showed him that his dream of being a fulltime freelancer was in reach. Yet before he made that massive leap, he had plans for his first extravagant purchase from money he’d earned on PeoplePerHour.

“Using PeoplePerHour I was able to do a job I loved and get paid at the same time and great reviews which just led to some great opportunities.”

From One Proposal to Another

Secure in the knowledge that his cashflow was now a steady stream through the Hourlies he was selling on PeoplePerHour, Glenn bought an engagement ring and proposed to his girlfriend just four months after he stumbled upon PeoplePerHour.


Glenn has sold over twenty Hourlies since posting his first one and considers himself a fulltime freelancer. He admits he sources work solely through PPH as he believe this is the most reliable source of income, he says that:

“Hourlies have been a great way to build up my profile quickly and gain follow on work and new clients as a result”.

The Hourlie Bonuses

Hourlies are ideal for building profiles and they’re also a great way to gain feedback quickly. Sellers can do many in just a few hours, allowing them to gain feedback which enhances their rating. When Glenn started he had no feedback at all however this soon changed as Buyers snapped up his Hourlies on offer. (See our tips on how you can post the perfect Hourlie here!)

The Secrets to Glenn’s Success

Glenn believes his success is a mixture of factors, he says, “I think what’s made me so successful is first of all loving what I do. From my client reviews they tend to say that I’m quick to deliver projects and have great communication.”

Looking Forward

Now Glenn is engaged and earning a decent wage, a life many aspire to. His profile shows his services are very much in demand as he obviously adores what he does.

Anyone Can Post an Hourlie

Hourlies are also ideal for those looking for extra pocket money, as Glenn bought an engagement ring, many other sellers have been able to buy other items that are not within reach with their usual disposable income and some even make a full time living through freelancing and Hourlies.

Hourlies range from web development, blogs and infographics to IT support and social media marketing, however there is no limit to what you can offer! You can give travel tips, knitting lessons even write a love song, everyone has at least one hidden talent.

What Hourlie could you post?

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