Send HTML Email Using The Mandrill API

I built this tool so i could send quick tests to myself, colleagues & clients for testing/approval without having to integrate the template into an ESP during the first development wire frames.

You can use this to send HTML emails to an email address of your choice, you can even add your own subject line. To use this tool you will need to sign up to Mandrill & generate an API Key.

Mandrill allows you to send up to 12,000 emails per month for FREE! So if you are using this for personal use that’s more than enough email testing for 1 month.

Of course there are already amazing tools available online for testing your emails but i like to tinker and build things so i went ahead and made my own tool to do this. The best email testing tools i know of online are :

Email On Acid

Getting Started
Download the code from the URL below and update the following information in the JS file.

● ADD MANDRILL API KEY (Replace with generated API Key).
● ADD FROM EMAIL (Replace with email used at Mandrill).
● ADD FROM NAME (Replace with your sender name).

Once you have updated the above information you should be good to start sending HTML email tests!

Please Note : This tool should only be used for personal use as it currently exposes your Mandrill API Key. If you want to use this example on a live web server i would suggest taking extra steps to hide your Mandrill API Key.

View the code :

Glenn Smith

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