The Best Email Template Builders

Without doubt email marketing is becoming one of the best channels to market your business in 2015. If your running a business then at some point you’ve probably thought about integrating email marketing into your digital marketing strategy. If not then you should be… Need Help?

You may have been searching around for ways to do this or may of even tried to design & develop your own responsive HTML email templates. This for some people is not as easy as it seems and crazy rendering issues can put the non tech users off creating there own HTML email templates quite quickly. So how can we get around this without using HTML or CSS?

Luckily there are solutions out there for the tech & non tech users which allow you to create responsive HTML email templates with ease weather you know how to code or not there are web applications which allow you to edit HTML email templates to your needs & some even allow you to code templates and integrate them with there editors & send email campaigns.

The Best Email Template Builders on the Market

I have included a list of my favorite email template builders below :-


Litmus Builder

Unlike other editors, Litmus Builder is continuously improved through contributions from the community. The power of this editor is unreal, the UX & Design is unreal, litmus hit the nail on the head every single time. I love this builder and is a major part of my workflow for testing HTML email campaigns before a send…

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Taxi For Email

Taxi for Email transforms how your team creates, edits and publishes marketing emails. Taxi is awesome, the best thing about taxi is once setup you can hand over to your client knowing they can edit the template to there needs without messing the code up. Taxi makes sure all code stays just how it should and is truly a great piece of kit for email marketing teams. Take a trial today, you will not be disappointed…

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Stamp Ready

We are an online service that provides you the tools to create and send newsletters simplified. Stamp Ready is quite an impressive service indeed, there attention to detail is second to none, thy provide an awesome dashboard, editor, and email sending platform all in one, and if you develop templates for marketplaces you can also use there editor to demo your templates…

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Stamplia Builder

From October 30th 2015 Stamplia Markplace will be closing down. The builder is still open to this day though.. So defiantly worth checking out.

Easy to use editor for Stamplia email templates. If you would like to create templates for the Stamplia builder check out my other blog post : How to create a template for the stamplia builder which will walk you through the whole process

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Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor makes it easy for you to create, send, and optimize your email marketing campaigns. Lot’s of businesses and agencies use campaign monitor because of it’s easy to use system. Developers can create templates upload them and know there clients are safe to edit and send without causing havoc. I love campaign monitor and use it quite alot.

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Online email marketing solution to manage contacts, send emails and track results. MailChimp seems to be the favorite solution when business first think of doing email marketing. I’ve worked with MailChimp for years, of course i can thing of alot of things that could improve the current editor but all in all it’s a pretty decent editor to allot your clients to take control of editing…

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Easy Editor – Dotmailer

Easily layout, design & customize your own emails and landing pages, with no HTML coding or web design skills. Dotmailer has it’s quirks but once setup and all testing is out the way there easy editor really is “easy”. I’ve built quite a few dotmailer templates in my time and agencies have been able to take over my creative to produce some awesome results…

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Silverpop is a top provider of marketing software that unifies marketing automation, email, mobile, and social. Watch out for them P tags, well that was the situation back in 2015, but i here they updated there editor so maybe the random p tags don’t appear no more. Silverpop seems to do the business, still a chosen favorite with fairly big corporate businesses.

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Exact Target

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the Future of Digital Marketing. The customer revolution has begun. An awesome ESP, and one of my favorite is im honest, ok so the UI, design may be a little big old school, and sometimes it can leave you hanging. But it’s power is huge, it’s 99% reliable and gets the job done. I love exact target for it’s master templates, modules and the way it archives each campaign. If you’re sending emails daily for a big brand/company exact target is well worth the price tag.

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Email template designer providing he’s own email template editor. View portfolio for a range of quality email templates. Sebastian Gronenendaal is an independent email developer & web app developer, with this he brings you the Dynamic XX editor, which is pretty awesome….

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Rocket Way

We are a bunch of crazy people who love to make great email templates! So little time and so many great ideas.

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we create professional email templates to make your campaigns more effective.

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Mosaico is a single page application supporting the editing of HTML email templates.

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