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OK, so there’s still a good amount of brands out there that are not taking the chance to use HTML Email as a way to welcome there customers. This is a massive opportunity to build trust within your brand and deliver messages to your customers direct.

Lifelong customers could be created here!

A welcome email can play a big part in the success of your brand. Let’s think about… You sign up for a service online, after signing up you immediately go to your email account to look for a welcome email. This tends to happen with everything you sign up for or purchase online these days but you would be shocked at the many websites not taking advantage of this great opportunity.

If we don’t get a welcome email what do we think about the brand?

We may think that the brand is not taking things to seriously and because we expect these welcome emails when we use services like Amazon or eBay etc, we expect it everywhere else. I would hate to sign up to a service and not receive a welcome email, because i wouldn’t feel like i just join a service and would be sat wondering where my money went.

Just my thoughts, let me know what you think about welcome emails.

Download this FREE HTML Welcome Email Template

I’ve put together a simple HTML welcome email template which is available in plain HTML, MailChimp & Campaign Monitor ready. As always this has been fully tested using litmus and will render correctly on over 40+ email clients. Download it and give it a try!

Download Template

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