Generate MailChimp mc:edit merge tags

Have you built a custom html email template, and now need to make it editable via the MailChimp editor? I’ve built a tool which allows you to generate MailChimp mc:edit merge tags.

There are many MailChimp merge tags you can add to your html email template code to allow special control within the MailChimp editor, one of them is the mc:edit="" tag. If your template has many images, titles, copy, buttons etc, you will need to make these all editable by adding the mc:edit="" tag to these. If you have many of these elements it can become quite a task.

That’s why i built this free online tool which allows you to generate MailChimp mc:edit="" merge tags in your html email template code. Simply paste your html email template code into the html editor and it will automatically add the mc:edit="" tags to your images, titles, copy, buttons etc. You can then download as an HTML file and upload to MailChimp.

Keep in mind that this tool adds the mc:edit="" tag to the following elements : h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6,p,a,img. If you use duplicate tags it will change the value of the mc:edit="" to it’s element plus a number starting from 0. For Example mc:edit="h1-0" if we was to use another h1 tag it would generate like so mc:edit="h1-1".

Your mc:edit merge tags need a new value for each element otherwise they will not be editable and will be seen as duplicate fields in the MailChimp editor.

MailChimp mc:edit generator

Generate MailChimp mc:edit tags with ease with this free online tool.



Demo :

Source : This tool could be extended to add more MailChimp merge tags, the source code (before it was integrated with CodeMirror) is available at

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Bugs :

  • Currently when saving the doctype is stripped out of your code.
  • Annoying reload after clicking the download button, which refreshes both views, but downloads correct copy.

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