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HTML Email is often looked apon as the work of the devils from any outsider who doesn’t get involved in any type of email marketing activities. This is normally due to it’s lack of support or being spammed with HTML emails on a monthly/weekly or even daily basis.

It’s not to be ignored that email marketing is a growing trend amoungst all types of businesses and because of this the community is growing and this is producing some awesome tools for email.

In this post im going to share with you some useful online applications/resources to help you get email done quickly. These are created by members of the email community who have spent there own free time creating these amazing tools & resources to help others.

Email Layout Calculator

This tool was created by Julie Ng. It’s an email layout calculator which allows you to build out your html email layouts. Create a bulletproof responsive email grid with tables that works in all major clients.

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Fly Bird

This tool was created by Ryan Field. Fly-brid is a tool that allows developers to easily and quickly create HTML email layouts using the fluid-hybrid method by Nicole Merlin (last name oh-so-relevant) method without having to copy and paste each time. Simply choose the elements you need and click fly-brid me! to output your code!

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Grunt Email Workflow

This tool was created by Lee Munroe. A Grunt workflow for designing and testing responsive HTML email templates with SCSS.

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Spongy Development (aka Hybrid)

This resource was created by Fabio Carneiro. All of the code I covered in my TEDC15 talk, Resposive Email Without Media Queries. Hybrid Spongy Development resource/framework.

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Email Framework

This resource was created by Glenn Smith. The Email Framework for creating responsive HTML emails layouts/templates supported on over 40+ emails clients. Code your email templates confidently

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These tools & resources will make creating email campaigns a breeze. Which ever you choose you can be sure your getting the correct head start you need to help you build email quickly.

Glenn Smith

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